The provisions contained in the Construction Workers’ Annual Leave and Severance Pay Act [Bauarbeiter-Urlaubs- und Abfertigungsgesetz] (BUAG) are significantly different to those in the general law on leave, since construction workers’ employment involves seasonal interruptions.

The leave provisions have a company-neutral, industry-specific character. This means that the qualifying weeks required for leave entitlement can be earned at different companies. The leave itself can also be consumed while working for a company at which the employee does not yet qualify on the basis of their current employment contract.

BUAK’s tasks include saving data and organising companies’ payment of contributions, as well as managing and investing the capital that has been paid in – and ultimately paying it to the employee.

Leave can only be claimed if there is a mutual agreement between employer and employee, as well as a valid employment contract.

When an employee takes their leave, the holiday remuneration is paid to the appropriate company  (if an escrow account is in place) or transferred directly to the employee.

For leave entitlements that are not used in the form of a holiday, the employee can be reimbursed with a compensation payment or holiday compensation.

Shift holiday

If employees are employed in shift work, an additional supplement must be paid. The employee earns additional leave entitlements as well.


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