Direct data transfer

BUAK offers its customers a direct data transfer option for settlements.

With BUAK direct data transfer, settlement data are uploaded as files to the eBUAK portal for settlement purposes. The settlement is followed by confirmation of the data also as a file, which is made available for download at the eBUAK portal.

This service is currently available for bad weather reports, holiday remuneration submissions and supplement reports.

Requirements for BUAK direct data transfer

  • Payroll system with support for BUAK direct data transfer
  • BUAK portal access

Direct data transfer is available both to construction companies and to companies who handle settlements for their clients (tax consultancy firms).


  • Electronic data is output directly from the payroll system;
  • No need to fill out and send lists
  • Electronic confirmation file sent immediately after the settlement;
  • Settlement data sent to the payroll system electronically; 
  • Reports compliant with payroll accounting

To support the settlement of your XML files on the eBUAK portal, a document entitled “Direct data transfer at the eBUAK Portal” is available under FAQ after logging in to the eBUAK portal.

Corporate Customer Service representatives are available to help with your queries at +43 (0) 579579 1650, or by email at dd-eingang@buak.at.


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