Reporting your company

Which authorities must be informed when workers are posted?

Various reporting requirements apply when workers are posted to Austria. The following possible scenarios can arise:

1) Postings that do not comprise temporary employment of workers: The business must report the situation to the Financial Police, the Fraud Prevention unit of the Ministry of Finance (Finpol, form ZKO 3).

2) Temporary employment of workers: The report must be made directly to the Financial Police (form ZKO 4)

Posting of workers must be reported to the Financial Police by the employer no later than one week before the start of work. Reports relating to the construction industry are forwarded to BUAK, where they are considered initial registration.

If changes relating to the posting (periods, activities performed, etc.) should arise after the report has been submitted to the Financial Police, a change report must be provided to the Financial Police. If reports are incomplete or unclear, BUAK can request further information.

What information has to be reported?

If the posting or temporary employment of workers covers several months, a follow-up report must be submitted to BUAK in which the employees’ specific work periods are listed. This follow-up report must be submitted to BUAK by the 15th day of the month following the work activity.

Link to the Financial Police at the Ministry of Finance


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